Fulcrum Analytics combines advanced analytical consulting, big data platforms and agile enterprise applications to drive real business impact. We partner with some of the world’s top companies to unlock multi-million dollar opportunities with data.

This is our core offering and the springboard for driving incremental profit for our clients. We can work on a project basis, to address a particular critical problem, but we excel as a long-term analytic partner, delivering constant business improvements. Beginning with an audit of your data assets, we can maximize the potential of modern data and analytics. We also offer custom market research services across various data collection channels. Our onsite consultants create customized solutions to your toughest problems and serve as an extension of your team – providing measurable results, sharing knowledge and accelerating solutions.
More than just statisticians and modelers, our consultants produce analytical insights, identify the impact on business value, and then help communicate the findings within your organization. They also work closely with internal and external technical teams to operationalize business improvements.
Our data scientists, developers, and infrastructure teams are constantly exploring the frontiers of hardware, software, and analytical methods. Our agile approach allows us to master and deploy new platforms quickly – often a challenge in many of our client organizations. We created our Agile Analytics Lab to provide a big data sandbox: to let you to spin up new servers, explore new software, compare vendors and configurations, instantly install new packages, get quick-response IT support, and access data science expertise to find solutions faster. Our data scientists and consultants can help map business problems to use cases that utilize the modern big data toolset and will support your internal teams in demonstrating value from these powerful technologies. Let Fulcrum help you explore the rapidly changing landscape of big data and data science. Learn more with our case study or get started today with a free consultation.

Our enterprise clients face massive data volume growth and constantly increasing demands for faster, higher impact analytics from across the business. Fulcrum developed Anvil™ Enterprise to meet these demands. Anvil™ Enterprise is a scalable big data analytical platform for building, managing and growing data reservoirs. It allows data scientists and decision-makers to achieve rapid-cycle innovation and gain new insights about customers, products, and operations across the enterprise. Anvil™ is a secure, private-cloud solution that is affordable to start, scales as your needs grow, and is fully supported by information technologists and data scientists to ensure you get the most out of the modern big data toolset.

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